LED Light Therapy and Depression

December 09, 2020 2 min read

LED Light Therapy and Depression

No need to suffer the blues … we’ll help you see the light.

Humanity is undergoing extraordinary change with a once in a lifetime pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe. While we all feel down in the dumps occasionally, an increasing number of us are suffering with depression or depressive disorders.

In any one year, more than a million Aussie are diagnosed and about 45 per cent of us will suffer at some point in our lives. Research has found that light can cause a chemical change in the brain that can alleviate symptoms of depression and improve your mood overall.

And, although Queensland’s weather is idyllic it doesn’t mean you won’t get a mean case of the blues. The pandemic has driven many of us indoors, away from our favourite outdoor activities, and more importantly, sunlight. We often don’t realise the impact natural lighting has on our overall mood and happiness. A lack of light can creep up on you slowly. Symptoms can include lack of energy, sleeping too much, feeling tired all the time, overeating and losing interest in normal activities.

Changes to the body’s circadian rhythms - your body clock – are caused by lack of sunlight. Doctors agree light plays a vital role regulating your circadian rhythm. Lack of light alters the brain chemistry, causing an over-production of melatonin . This makes you sluggish.

Increasing the amount of natural light or lighting that mimics natural light, can help. To keep depression at bay, a daily or even weekly dose of LED Light Therapy has been proven as a mood booster. LED Light Therapy will help reenergise you and put a spring in your step with the added benefit that LLT offers many of the positives of sunlight without UV damage from the sun.

We’re dedicated to the treatment and prevention of depression. We have partnered withGrow.org.au, a peer support and mutual-aid organisation for recovery from, and prevention of, mental illness.