Real time:

30 Minutes + 15 Minutes Healite II LED Light Therapy



Who for:

Anyone who wants skin tightening to lift, tighten & tones the facial contours and improves tissue sagging.

How often:

Every 1-2 weeks

(3- 6 sessions)

Forma RF Treatment is a new, painless, no-downtime treatment


+ Tighter, rejuvenated skin

+ Lift a sagging jawline

+ Lift sagging upper lids and brows


- Painful surgery

- Downtime

- Remove under eye-bags


Forma facials are becoming extremely popular because the procedure can produce visible results right away. In addition to a topical boost of collagen, Forma RF Skin Tightening also produces long-term effects because it promotes the regeneration of collagen in the skin.

Each client is different, so the longevity of the procedure varies from client to client. Skin health, diet, age, and other factors will all influence the results and how long they last. With this in mind, some clients experience results that last for years, with relatively few touch-ups required.

We recommend a course that requires one session a week for several weeks in a row before you see the final results.

The cost of a Forma RF treatment will depend on the specific areas and the number of treatments required. We offer single and package pricing to provide affordable options.

Many different factors can produce loose or sagging skin. Likewise, there are a few alternatives available for clients who want to rejuvenate their skin, including Forma RF treatment. Book a skin consultation so we can advise if this is the correct Radiofrequency (RF) technology for you.