LY Diamond Kabuki Brush

Elevate your makeup application. The Diamond Kabuki feels softer than velvet and is virtually mistake proof. Firm and silky-soft premium fibres shaped in a new-generation foundation applicator. Its flat, yet curved design makes it ideal for applying, sculpting, and blending all types of formulas, whether fluids, creams, or powders. Soft yet flexible, the fibres glide across the skin in a circular ‘buffing’ motion to achieve polished perfection.

Densely packed fibres prevent absorption of product to minimise wastage and enhance coverage. The elegantly faceted “diamond” design delivers an anti-slip grip. The diamond lid is ideal for travel to keep everything pristine.

Light Years brushes feature premium, super-soft signature fibres. Uniquely waved synthetic fibres that perfectly mimic natural hair, enhancing product pick-up, seamless blending, and complexion perfection. These unique fibres are also vegan friendly and gentle on all skin types.