Real time:

30 minutes for the peel + unlimited LED Light Therapy sessions for 1 month + after-care + at home regimen for 3 months


Your skin will continue to renew for 4-6 weeks after treatment, expect some redness and shedding for up to 10 days. We recommend increased hydration, and sunscreen is essential.

Who for:

For those who enjoy the Australian way of life: surf, sand and sun— and may suffer from melasma, pigmentation or hyperpigmentation (PIH), and sun damage. Or anyone looking to revive their skin tone and texture.

How often:

Repeat treatments are generally not required if you continue home care and avoid sun exposure.

A consultation with our Skin Specialists is required prior to booking a Cosmelan appointment.


 +Brighter skin

+ Tighter, smoother complexion 

+ Even skin tone 


- Sun damage

- Melasma

- Pigmentation and hyperpigmentation