Real time:

30 Minutes + 15 Minutes Healite II LED Light Therapy


Mild to moderate bruising can remain after treatment for up to 7 days. LED Light Therapy is highly recommended to reduce bruising and speed the healing process.

Who for:

Anyone who wants to improve jaw contouring, reduces their double chin or tighten their jawline.

How often:

Every 1-2 weeks

(3-6 sessions)


+ Smoother, slimmer, tighter skin

+ Tighter and more toned face

+ A more defined jawline


- Small areas of unwanted fat

- Double chin

- Invasive surgery


A vacuum applicator is applied to provide a negative pressure massage, Radiofrequency then provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for reduction, contraction and contour shaping. A high voltage pulse (HVP) penetrates the fat cells to release unwanted fats and effectively contour the treatment area.

Results are progressive with each MiniFX treatment, visible improvements are expected in 3-6 sessions.

Book a skin consultation so we can advise if this is the correct Radiofrequency (RF)  technology for you.