Megan’s story…A personal journey with LED Light Therapy

January 12, 2021 3 min read

Megan’s story…A personal journey with LED Light Therapy

Co-founder of Light Years Skin Studio Megan Jurisich can attest to the benefits of LED. Her passion for the treatment was sparked by her own experience. Here, she shares the skin journey that lead to the creation of a business.

Around the time of my 43rd Birthday I received an unwelcome gift … a Basal cell carcinoma (BCC). But it wasn’t until two years later that the persistent, ulcerated sore on my brow line that would disfigure and scar my face, was diagnosed. Not only is my story a cautionary tale about getting regular skin checks, it’s also about regaining my self-worth after invasive surgery.


My skin cancer wasn’t particularly large, but it was in an awkward position with not much excess skin surrounding it.  My plastic surgeon mentioned terms like “flap surgery” and “scarring”. I just agreed and wanted it out. I had great faith in his professional opinion so I really didn’t really pay too much attention to the method he was going to use.

 To me, it seemed like a minor procedure that was over relatively quickly and only used a light sedation.  I remember feeling fragile afterwards, but nothing to bad. It was when I finally looked in the mirror that I went into shock.

I had about an inch of my head shaved, spanning half my scalp. There were about 30 Frankenstein-esque stitches across my face.  Big, black, schlock-horror movie stitches.

After the surgery and the healing process

I was mortified and scared and felt really wounded. I needed complete rest for 3 days and sleep upright to minimise swelling.

 I went to the plastic surgeon to have my stitches removed. Given how severe the wound seemed, I couldn’t believe no one mentioned what could be done to help. Yes, I was lucky, but I looked like the walking dead.

 I began my own research as to how I could assist the healing process. I struggled to find a solution and feared I would be stuck with this disfigurement on my face. 


Then a friend suggested I try LED Light Therapy. Over time, she said, it would heal the scarring. The trick was consistency. I would need to commit to it and I would notice a difference. I was told to come every week for a month, alternating from red light and near infrared. Within weeks, I noticed it had started to heal. During this period in my life we were travelling quite a bit. I would see LED everywhere - London, NYC, LA.   I did more and more research and discovered there may be a better way to treat my scarring …more consistency would have given me better results. I became an expert on what to do, how to do it, how to use the machines, what light frequency was needed.

To me, my research highlighted that this powerful, intelligent science wasn’t being used to its full advantage and it was cost prohibitive. So, I founded Light Years with the intent of providing the most effective LED Light Therapy treatment available at an affordable price, so people could achieve the consistency of treatment required.


For me, it’s personal. I don’t believe my face would be in as good a shape as it is today if it wasn’t for LED Light. I now find it encouraging that some plastic surgeons, physios, dermatologists and beauty spas & salons are now recommending LED Light Therapy as a “treatment” and not just a “facial”.


This wonderful science can help so many. I am living, breathing proof of this.